T is for Trauma is a podcast for people with trauma. Every week, host David O'Connor sits down with people who have trauma, or work with trauma, to share their experiences. The podcast is meant a resource, and a guiding light, for people navigating their own traumas, so that they feel less alone in their journey, and to bring awareness to the possibilities for healing.

David's own healing journey was kick-started by a life changing event in his late 30s. During his first treatment with psychedelic therapy, he realized that he had repressed over 10 years of sexual abuse during his childhood. Although he was shaken by this revelation, he developed a strong interest in the mechanisms by which trauma manifests, and how an individual can heal in the wake of such an impactful event. Inspired by the stories of healing in others, David started the podcast to share these experiences and learnings, so that others can likewise benefit from them.

David is a software consultant, entrepreneur and investor, with over 20 years of experience in the Tech industry. He lives in Austin, TX, with his french bulldog Monty.